Email marketing represents the most cost effective method of communicating with your clients. It can however, be quite daunting if you don't have the experience. Our email marketing services allow small businesses to take advantage of this valuable tool.

Email Design
We create high impact emails that follow the industry's best practices to ensure they achieve high results. All designs are bespoke and are centred around your business. Simply provide us with the text for the email along with any design material you have (website, brochure, logo, etc) and we'll put together a design that not only looks good, but gets results.

Email Build
Once the design is signed off, we covert it into HTML code - this is the code that websites are written in. All the different email systems (Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc) interpret this code slightly differently. Our HTML code is specifically designed for emails ensuring your email always looks good no matter what email system the recipient is using.

Email Broadcast
Once everything is ready, we'll send you a test email to sign off and then we'll broadcast the email to your database. It doesn't end there, we track the activity of your email and we'll provide you with a report one week later that shows how many people read and clicked your email campaign.

What will it cost?
We charge £150 + email usage to build and broadcast an email campaign. Email usage is charged at 1p per email so if you want to send a campaign to 1500 people, the total would be £165.

Ready to go? Contact us and let's get started.